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Below are 50 multiple choice questions. Answer each question, then click "GRADE IT" at the bottom. A page with your score, and the correct answers will be displayed upon finishing the test. Good Luck!

1 1. What is a habitual offender?
A. A person with three suspensions in three years
B. A Person with one suspension is three years
C. A person who is caught without liability insurance twice
D. A person who repeatedly gets caught drunk driving

2. When is a person allowed to drive on public or private property to avoid a sign or light?
A. any time
B. never
C. When instructed by a police officer
D. only with permission of property owner

3. When will a person be given a proposed license suspension?
A. When he has received 12 points
B. When he has received 4 points
C. when he has received 10 points
D. when he has received 8 points

4. If you drive through a deep puddle with conventional brakes what should you do?
A. Stop
B. Test your brakes by pumping them gently
C. Continue driving normally
D. Push your brakes down hard

5. Studded snow tires can be used during what months of the year?
A. December 1st through May 1st
B. January 1st through May 31st
C. December 15 through April 1st
D. November 15th through April 1st

6. At night a person should drive slow enough to be able to stop within:
A. 100 feet.
B. 50 feet.
C. the distance ahead lighted by your headlights.
D. the distance ahead before you hit an object.

7. If you want to return to the road after driving off the road, a driver should do what?
A. Slow down and turn your wheels to climb the pavements edge
B. Slow down as much as you can and glide back over like a passing maneuver
C. stop then get back on quickly
D. drive along shoulder until you feel confident to get back on the road

8. How old must one be to register a vehicle in NJ?
A. 16
B. 17
C. 18
D. 21

9. Your vehicle has gone into a rear wheel skid what should you do?
A. apply the brake
B. give gas
C. turn away from the direction of the skid
D. turn in the direction of the skid

10. How far will your low beam headlights allow one to see at night?
A. 100 feet
B. 250 feet
C. 350 feet
D. 500 feet

11. What is the stopping distance at night for a passenger vehicle traveling 50 mph?
A. 268 feet
B. 359 feet
C. 700 feet
D. 859 feet

12. What is the average stopping distance of a passenger vehicle traveling at 50 mph?
A. 159 feet
B. 200 feet
C. 243 feet
D. 359 feet

13. When you are driving directly behind a truck how do you know if you are in a blind spot?
A. There are no blind spots with the trucks having extra large mirrors today
B. You can not see the trucks mirrors
C. Only the truck driver knows if you are in the blind spots
D. You can only guess where the blind spots may be

14. What is the correct hand signal for a right turn?
A. right arm out
B. left arm out and down
C. left arm straight out
D. left arm out and up

15. The number of drinks needed to raise your BAC above legal limits depends on which of the following?
A. the time of day
B. your body weight
C. where the drinking occurs
D. how much coffee you drink

16. The implied consent law means which of the following?
A. On request of a police officer you agree to let them search your vehicle
B. On request of a police officer you agree to let them search your self
C. On request of a police officer you agree to take a breath test to determine BAC
D. on request of a police officer you agree to let them search your home

17. If two cars enter an intersection at the same time what is the rule?
A. The driver to the left should yield to the driver on the right
B. The driver to the right should yield to the driver on the left
C. You should make eye contact and use hand signals to determine who should go
D. Slow down and stop

18. A motorist approaching an unlit signal should do which of the following?
A. Stay where you are until help arrives
B. Slow down and go through cautiously
C. Yield
D. Stop, go only when safe

19. A solid line across an intersection means which of the following?
A. Stop at the intersection behind the line
B. Stop, go only when safe
C. Go slow through the intersection
D. Stop and wait for a green light

20. Trucks stopping on a wet or slippery surfaces can increase stopping distance by how much?
A. 100%
B. 50%
C. 40%
D. 25%

21. A person holding a GDL license must take training classes if this happens?
A. if you have any moving violations
B. if you have a speeding violation
C. if you accumulate 4 points
D. if you accumulate 12 to 14 points

22. The first offense for refusing to take a breath test is which of the following?
A. 3 months suspension
B. 6 months
C. equal to driving with a BAC of .10%
D. 2 years

23. In what position should your wheels be when parking on a down hill street with the curb to the right?
A. Towards the curb
B. Away from the curb
C. Straight
D. Away from the curb with the parking brake on

24. Hydroplaning is most likely to occur during which of the following?
A. in a snow storm
B. in heavy rain
C. in heavy fog
D. in dark or foggy conditions

25. If your tire blows out what should you do?
A. no gas, no brake, coast to a stop on the side of the road
B. brake immediately and get control of the car
C. hit the gas and pull out of traffic as fast as you can
D. pump the brakes while pulling over

26. What is the minimum time of supervised driving you must have with your Special Learner's Permit before you can get a Probationary Driver License?
A. 6 months
B. 1 year
C. 3 months
D. 2 years

27. What is the furthest distance you may park from a curb in NJ?
A. 2 feet
B. 12 inches
C. 8 inches
D. 6 inches

28. When are head lights required to be on in NJ?
A. between a half hour before sunset and until a half hour after sunrise or if visibility is less that 500 feet
B. dusk to dawn
C. between a half hour after sunset and until a half hour before sunrise or if visibility is less that 500 feet
D. during day light savings time

29. How long must you drive with the Probationary Driver License before you can apply for a Basic Driver License?
A. 3 months
B. 1 year
C. 6 months
D. 2 years

30. Who gets the ticket if you get pulled over for a motor vehicle infraction while practice driving with your Examination Permit?
A. Both the student driver and the adult supervising
B. The student driver
C. The adult supervising
D. The parents of the student driver

31. When a bus is stopped with the red lights flashing on your side of a dual highway what do you do?
A. Put your emergency flashers on and stop
B. Stop 25 feet behind the bus
C. slow down to 10 mph and go by in the passing lane
D. Stop then go around at 10 mph

32. When approaching a frozen dessert truck with its red lights flashing you must do what?
A. Stop go when the truck turns the red light off
B. Stop than go pass the truck at a speed no more than 15 mph
C. slow down and drive by
D. put your flashers on and slowly drive by

33. When may you pass on the right?
A. when the driver ahead is turning right and there is room on the right to go around.
B. when passing large trucks or buses
C. when the driver ahead is turning left and there is room on the right to go around.
D. when there is room on the right to go around

34. If not prohibited by a "no turn on red sign", NJ law permits you to turn right on red after doing what?
A. making a full stop and checking traffic
B. yeilding to traffic and pedistrians
C. waiting 30 seconds
D. making a full stop

35. If you miss your exit on the expressway you should do what?
A. pull over to the shoulder and make a new plan
B. stop and back up to make the exit
C. do a u turn as soon as traffic is clear
D. go on to the next exit

36. What is a deceleration lane?
A. the slow lane to travel in
B. an extra lane at a highway exit
C. an extra lane for getting on a highway
D. a lane if you have mechanical problems

37. Permit holders older than 21 must have this much supervised driving prior to taking the road test?
A. Six months
B. Three months
C. One month
D. 2 weeks

38. For the road test, an applicant must have a vehicle with a valid registration, a valid inspection sticker and what other document?
A. A valid driver's license
B. A valid birth certificate
C. A valid student id Card
D. A valid insurance id card

39. When should you dim your lights to low beam?
A. when alone on a dark road
B. in open country driving
C. when a car is approaching you or you are behind another vehicle
D. when you are stopped on the side of the road

40. What is the purpose of the NJMVC road test?
A. To trick the Probationary driver into making mistakes
B. To keep young drivers off the road
C. To make sure the applicant can see clearly and answer most of the knowledge test
D. To make sure the applicant understands the rules of the road and can can drive safely

41. Not wearing your seat belt in the front seat and not buckling up children under 18 years old is what offense?
A. Primary offense
B. Secondary offense
C. Non offense
D. Moving violation

42. The three second rule can be used at any speed to help you do which of the following?
A. decide when to pull out of an intersection
B. decide when to safely pass a vehicle
C. avoid becoming a habitual offender
D. keep a safe following distance

43. At what age must children ride in a federally approved safety or booster seat in the rear of the vehicle?
A. Children 2 and under
B. Children 4 and under
C. Children under age 5 and over 80 lbs.
D. Children under age 8 and under 80 lbs.

44. What are airbags?
A. Primary restraint system
B. Primary offense
C. Supplemental restraint system
D. Secondary offense

45. The area where a motorist cannot see behind his/her vehicle (on both sides) through the mirrors?
A. Space cushion
B. Safety zone
C. Vision spots
D. Blind spots

46. Your hands should be placed on the steering wheel at what position on the clock?
A. 10 and 2
B. 9 and 3
C. 12 and 6
D. 11 and 1

47. For sharper turns what steering technique should you use while turning your car?
A. Push and pull
B. Hand over hand
C. Continuous
D. 3 and 9 steering

48. What is a common mistake new drivers make while stopping?
A. Pushing the brake too lightly
B. Pushing the gas pedal
C. Pushing both gas and brake
D. Slamming on the brakes

49. When city driving what should you do?
A. look 100 feet ahead
B. look 12 seconds ahead
C. look 2 city blocks ahead
D. look 3 car lengths ahead

50. When a license is returned to you after suspension for points you will be on proabation for this length of time?
A. 10 years
B. 6 months
C. 2 years
D. 1 year